Papaya Kuir

We are a lesbo-transfeminist collective created by and for Latin American migrants and refugees residing in the Netherlands and the larger community interested in our struggle.

Our Work Pillars Are: 


By participating in anti-racist and anti-patriarchal discussion panels, events and demonstrations and denouncing the problems that threaten our community

Emergency Support

By coordinating an emergency support via our own emergency response network in the Netherlands that support people during their transit processes: migratory, gender or sexual

Ph: Iris Haverkamp 

Community Building

By organising  cultural and artistic events, such as queer cabarets, workshops, and parties, with the aim of cultivating a sense of belonging and facilitating processes of social transformation within our community.

PAPAYA KUIR aims to highlight the precarious realities of Trans and Queer Latinx asylum seekers, who don’t manage to obtain refugee statuses because of the Dutch immigration refusal to acknowledge that our lives are endangered in our countries of origin, as well as inform society of the dangerous realities we and our communities are confronted with back in our countries.